Bathroom Remodel

Decisions to Make When Completing a Bathroom Remodel


The decision to complete a bathroom remodel is only the first decision in a series of decisions that you will need to make. The decisions you make in regards to your bathroom remodel will affect the look of the bathroom and the cost of your bathroom. One of the first decisions you will need to make when completing a bathroom remodel is how you want your bathroom laid out.


You can keep the existing footprint or move fixtures around. From there, you have to decide whether to purchase new fixtures and cabinetry or whether to use what you have. Lastly, you will need to select all of the finishes when completing a bathroom remodel. This includes flooring, light fixtures, sink faucets and cabinet hardware. Are you considering a bathroom remodel in Woodbridge, VA.? Let Colortech Building Renovation LLC transform your current bathroom into what you have been envisioning for the space.