Door Installation

Reasons to Hire a Professional for Door Installation


Door installation does not look like it is something that is difficult. However, installing a door can be more challenging than you think. This is why you should leave this task to a professional door installer. Starting from the beginning, measuring for a door can be challenging. If your measurements are off, your door may not fit and trimming down a door is not easy. The door frame needs to be flush and level and the floor needs to be level around the door frame. Temporary blocks need to be used and then hinges need to be properly attached.


If the hinge is not correctly attached, your door may not hang correctly or evenly. The right screws need to be used and everything needs to be positioned correctly. If anything is off, you can damage the door or cause it to not hang properly. Do you need to have a door or more installed in your home? Hire Colortech Building Renovation LLC for door installation.